Ubuntu server to desktop

ubuntu server to desktop

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PARAGRAPH. Most people are conditioned to use a ubuntu server to desktop graphically after all. A Linux server intends to use the system resources on running services. This tool is going to be responsible for starting the display server and loading the desktop while managing user sessions and authentication.

Removing GUI afterwards could cause dependency issues and leave a broken system in some cases. If you have a remote server that you want to manage graphically, you can use tasksel to install the desktop environment also referred as DE. Some people do not feel comfortable with the idea of doing everything using commands in the terminal. As a server user or sysadminyou can then start the display manager and load the GUI with the following command:.

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Read the Ubuntu Server You may also install it on a server running in a virtual machine if you have direct access to the host system. The graphical desktop environment consumes a lot of system resources and for this reason, the server operating systems do not include a desktop environment by default. Practice Geeksforgeeks.