React software download

react software download

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PARAGRAPHDownload the starter kit to get everything you need to get started with React. The uncompressed, development version of React with optional add-ons. The compressed, whereas the production version includes extra performance optimizations and strips react software download error messages. Download Starter Kit 0. The compressed, React will be development mode.

The starter kit includes React and some simple example apps. We provide two versions of React: an dowjload version for development and a minified version for production.

PARAGRAPH reacf After installing it using npm install --save react react-domproduction version of React with optional add-ons. We recommend using React from npm with a bundler like browserify or webpack.

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API Reference! This documentation section is useful when you want to learn more details about a particular React API. Like any unfamiliar react software download, React does have a learning curve. Since React 16, you can also download this HTML file? Each of them can work with little to no configuration and lets you take full advantage of the rich React ecosystem? React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Sometimes people find third-party books and video courses more helpful than the official documentation.

If something is missing in the documentation or if you found some part confusing, including release notes or deprecation notices, our guide to main concepts is raect best place to start. The React blog is the official source for the updates from the React team. It only takes a minute to set up.

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